​Testimonials – what have my recent clients said?

                                                  $366,000  –  5431 E 128th Dr, Thornton 80109   Laura and Lance T.

                                                  “Jeff is the nicest real estate agent you will ever meet. We really appreciated all the expert help he

                                                  gave us during the whole loan process & home shopping. He helped us negotiate a 'tough'

                                                  inspection resolution & did a lease-back for the sellers to make "everything" happen and close on     


                                                  $480,000  –  4199 Timber Hollow, Castle Rock 80109   Eric and Megan S.

                                                  “We appreciated all the expert help Jeff provided us in locating our beautiful home. Jeff was able  

                                                  to help us with all the questions or concerns we had as first time home buyers from CA, and the

                                                  process went so fast. We HIGHLY recommend Jeff – he was extremely accommodating, flexible

                                                  and patient with us showing homes – and giving us expert advice about the area.”   

                                                   $430,000  –  1387 S Duquesne Ct, Aurora 80018   Katia & Brian C.

                                                  “Thank you Jeff for your persistence and showing us so many homes!  We looked for homes in one 

                                                  area for a month, then changed areas - and we couldn't have been any happier with ALL your help!

                                                  After our home went under contract - you did an outstanding job to help us negotiate a great

                                                  replacement home - thanks again!”   

                                                   $446,500  –  12766 E 134th Place, Thornton, 80241   Gary and Linda B.

                                                   “Jeff did a great job helping us get a VA loan approval with the help from his business partner Travis

                                                   at Supreme Lending.  We lost several homes to bidding wars - but ultimately found the home of our

                                                   families 'dreams' with Jeff's help!  Thanks for all your professionalism and genuine help!    

                                                   $520,000  –  3295 Astorbrook Way, Highlands Ranch   Keith and Adrienne S.

                                                   “Thanks again Jeff for all your help, we ABSOLUTELY love the giant gorgeous home you helped us

                                                    to lease-to-purchase through Home Partners!  It was so nice working with you, especially

                                                    because you were so persistent - and a great real estate negotiator too!”


                                                    $395,000  -  11218 Vrain, Westminster   Darren and Kristy S.

                                                    “Thank you, Jeff, for all your help – we found the home of our dreams with your help, and we’d  

                                                    recommend your expert help to anyone! We were especially happy that you were able to  

                                                    negotiate with the seller to ‘fix’ the unforeseen inspection items and get the home closed on

                                                    time for our move. You’re an excellent Realtor – thanks!”

                                                    $368,100  -  4185 S Granby Circle, Centennial   Kelsey and Bojan V.

                                                    “Jeff did a fantastic job helping us outbid several other “better” offers on this home we really

                                                    wanted!  Thanks again for helping us relocate and helping us find such a nice home -  we love it!

                                                    switching to regular financing from the Lease-to-Own worked great for us too!”  


                                                    $425,000  -  15153 E. 117th, Brighton 80603 - $425,000   Cassandra and Robb R.

                                                    “Jeff helped made a complicated transaction very simple once we finally found our perfect  

                                                    home.  Thanks so much, everything was perfect and you did a great job!  You aren’t going to find

                                                    a better Realtor than Jeff because he’s very professional when dealing with uncooperative

                                                    sellers and listing agents. Thanks again Jeff, we really liked working with you!”

                                                    $419,000  –  8160 S. Storm King, Littleton 80127   Katie and Keegan K.

                                                    “We loved working with Jeff - he’s truly a great real estate broker. He wrote 7 different contracts 

                                                    for us, which we lost out on in the bidding wars going on, before we got this beautiful home. He  

                                                    was always happy showing us homes & advised us to not buy several homes we liked. Jeff did a

                                                    great job on our inspection too, thanks again - we love our home and we highly refer you.”

                                                    $430,000  –  11858 Idalia St, Commerce City   Amanda and Clint W.

                                                    “You are not going to find a better Realtor than Jeff. He’s exceptionally good at negotiating - and  

                                                    he knows how to get contracts closed!  We had several ‘issues’ with the home sellers and Jeff  

                                                    was able to successfully negotiate & resolve all those problems!  We are always happy to refer

                                                    Jeff as an excellent real estate broker, and we LOVE our huge home he helped us get.” 

                                                    $425,000  –  4011 Blue Pine Circle, Highlands Ranch   Emily and Mark K.

                                                     “We really appreciated your help & knowledge of the area in helping us find this beautiful home

                                                     after relocating up from Texas. Thanks for your suggestion from doing the Lease-to-Purchase    

                                                     program - and doing a regular mortgage loan instead!  You went out of your way to show us so

                                                     many homes in all the different neighborhoods & cities - thanks again for your help.”

                                                    $255,000  –  3974 S. Richfield, Aurora 80013  Jennifer and Robb M.

                                                    “Jeff is the best! He’s incredibly knowledgeable and he helped us to ‘finally’ get our perfect house

                                                    after we were outbid on 4 other homes. He successfully convinced the listing agent that we were

                                                    the best buyers to close on her home, even though our purchase price offer was $4000 less than

                                                    the competing offer! Jeff will go above & beyond for his clients - we highly recommend him!!”   

                                                    $455,000  –   3763 Porter, Johnstown 80534   The Rubin’s

                                                    “We appreciated all the expert help Jeff provided us in locating our beautiful home. Jeff was able  

                                                     to help us with all the questions or concerns we had as first time home buyers, and the process

                                                     went so fast. We continue to HIGHLY recommend Jeff – he was extremely accommodating,  

                                                     flexible and patient with us showing homes – and giving us expert advice.”   

                                                     $208,000  –  3010 W. Prentice, Littleton 80123  C. Holliday

                                                     “I’d like to thank you Jeff for all your help in getting my daughter & I this beautiful condo! I really  

                                                     appreciated your patience - and showing us all the homes you did.  The super competitive home

                                                     buying market really sucked, and getting out bid on so many places - but you didn’t give up!  I’m

                                                     very satisfied with all your help & professionalism, thanks Jeff for helping us find our home!”   

                                                     $340,000  –  4506 N Wildflowers Way, Castle Rock   Renee and Hakan T.

                                                     “We couldn’t have been any happier with using Jeff as our Realtor. He showed us lots of homes,

                                                     and gave us great advice to avoid some of the homes we initially liked. We started with the

                                                     Lease-to-Own program, but then Jeff suggested we re-check our ability to get a regular mortgage

                                                     loan - which we got! This was fantastic - thanks for all you help in getting us such a nice home!”          


                                                     $368,100  –  10435 W 107th, Westminster 80021   Christina M.

                                                     “Jeff made this first time home buying a great experience for our family. My work schedule made

                                                     it difficult for us to look at homes - so Jeff helped us see most of them at lunch time! He did a

                                                     really good job negotiating the purchase of our beautifully remodeled home. My kids and I are

                                                     thankful for his help. Thank you again Jeff!!!!” 

                                                    $440,000  –  2522 Steeple Rock Drive, Frederick    Corbett and Jessica B.

                                                     “Jeff helped my wife and I find our dream home and close quickly. Guided us through the process  

                                                    the whole way and was very responsive and communicative. Jeff will listen to your needs, and find

                                                    you the right home!  What a great lease-to own program Home Partners did for us, thanks Jeff!”

                                                     $425,000  –  13034 E. Cedar Ave, Aurora 80012   Jordyn and Peter B.

                                                     We just got married in September and were thinking about waiting until Spring to start house

                                                     shopping when we heard about the $1,000 Down loans from Jeff.  With our high debt ratios, we

                                                     never thought we’d get qualified for a loan - but we did!!  Thanks Jeff, for all your real estate

                                                     advice and negotiating skills to get us this house SO far below list price – we love it!   

​                                                    $360,000  –  2706 15th Ave, Longmont    Kristyle S. 

                                                    “Thanks Jeff, my kids and I really appreciate the great job you did for us finding this nice home for                                                     us!  I’m so happy that we found such a nice home in the perfect area for us!  The whole lease-to-                                                     purchase program with Home Partners was really easy after all.” 

                                                    $300,000  –  10717 W 107th Ave, Westminster   Kiki and Russell L.

                                                    “Oh my Gosh, you ROCK Jeff!!  Thanks for all your work and dedication to keep writing those  

                                                    contracts when I kept getting out-bid. The lease-to-purchase program is awesome, if it wasn’t for

                                                    you, we’d never have got this home!  You are the greatest Realtor!”   

                                                    $448,000  –  19245 Spring Valley Rd, Monument  Danny and Patricia D.

                                                    “We really loved working with you Jeff to help us find our ideal home using the Home Partners

                                                    lease-to-purchase program.  Thanks for writing so many contract offers for us it was such a                                                     competitive real estate market.  We also thank you for getting us the free riding mower from the                                                     sellers!  Thanks again Jeff, we loved working with you!” 




Call me right now at 303-622-5700 – and let’s talk about YOUR specific home buying or selling situation. 


Thanks again!




Jeff Boyce

(303) 622-5700


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