How does the FREE Credit Simulator/Credit Repair Program work?



I'm Jeff Boyce - and after owning a mortgage company for 12+ years,

I’ve been such a good Credit Repair Specialist – I’m typically able to help

renters to BUY A HOME and Stop Renting – by the time your current lease

is up!

The FASTEST way to get your credit scores at 640+ and higher,

is using the new FREE Credit Simulators from one of the

best mortgage companies!!


Watch the YouTube video here - for more details.


They pull your credit for free - but they run a FREE Credit Simulator

on YOUR SPECIFIC credit report ‘profile’ - and it PROJECTS or simulates

“what it will take” for YOU to get your scores up to a 640+ fico score on TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.  It prints out your Simulator results:  and tells you if you need to pay down credit cards accounts, or not enough credit, or pay off old Collection accounts, or get a new Secured Credit card, or  – or “what” to do SPECIFICALLY to get a 640+ score!!! 


Yes - the better Mortgage Companies will help you FIX all your credit issues for FREE - and then do a FANTASTIC home mortgage loan for you!!  See my Testimonial/Referral page - these FREE Credit Simulators ROCK!!

Why do you NEED a 640+ credit score?

With a 640+ score - we can get you qualified to BUY a beautiful home with only about $3,500-$5,000 out-of-pocket cash - instead of the normal 3.5% down!!  (Normally, you’d need $14,000 cash down:  3.5% x $400,000 = $14,000 - on a FHA loan, plus your closing costs!)  We will discuss a $3,500-$5,000 cash out-of-pocket FHA loan and “seller paid” when you call or contact me!























You see, my resume for the past 20 years – is that I’m the Denver Metro Realtor that specializes in helping renters & first-time home buyers to “fix their credit” - for FREE - having worked on over 2,500+ credit reports (and with $100+ Million Personally SOLD/Closed to these renters.)

Call me right now at 303-622-5700 – and let’s talk about YOUR specific credit and home buying situation – and turn YOU into a home owner, instead of a frustrated renter!


Thanks again!




Jeff Boyce

(303) 622-5700

“$100+ Million Personally SOLD/Closed Since 1998”


p.s. -  If you're paying $2,000/month rent - you're spending $24,000/year to pay your Landlords mortgage. The mortgage payment on a $400,000 home is about $2,048 principle/interest!!!  Home ownership ROCKS!!





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